Incredible Taleesa of Mellow´s Cottage

Izusa Aponi of Mellow´s Cottage

Innocent Klara of Mellow´s Cottage

Nachzucht / Hündinnen

Kachina Yoomee of Mellow´s Cottage



In lieber Erinnerung


2008 - 2020
Enchantress Kimani of Mellow´s Cottage
(Ch. Daily Rays Charming Spring  x Countess Sanora of Mellow´s Cottage)

2011 - 2022

Fairy Princess Miralou of Mellow´s Cottage

(Ch. Chinnordale Rockhopper x Enchantress Kimani  of Mellow´s Cottage)

2007 - 2019

Dumbledore Prof. of Mellow´s Cottage
(Daily Rays Catch The Wind x Countess Sanora of Mellow´s Cottage)
2004 - 2016

Countess Sanora of Mellow´s Cottage
(Stanroph Steal The Glory x Choriand Cotton Candy)

2002 - 2016
Ritzilyn Toodle Pip
(Sh Ch. Ritzilyn Action Replay  x Choriand Cats Whiskers at  Ritzilyn)

1997 - 2011

(Wotan x Bilberry Blossom of Mellow´s Cottage)

1992 - 2007

Carmelyn Adorable Ginger
(Ch. Westley Floyd x Our Nutmeg of Mill Lane)

1991 - 2004

Quickstep Lynne of Mill Lane
(Ritzilyn Top Gun x Little Lizzie of Mill Lane)

1990 - 2003

Pink Pants of Mill Lane
(Ritzilyn Top Gun x Ch. Guinevere of Mill Lane)

1985 - 1997

Ha´Penny of Mill Lane
(Nortonwood Telstar x Ch. Folly of Mill Lane)

1988 - 1993

VDH/Dt. Ch. Miss Mellow of Mill Lane
(Ch. Noravon Amos x Ch. Guinevere of Mill Lane)